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Ke Jie Vs Alphago

Tournament Outline

Name: Future of Go Summit
Organizers: Google, The China Weiqi Association, Zhejiang Sports Bureau
Venue: Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, China
Date: Tuesday, May 23 – Saturday, May 27
Contents: Three games(Ke Jie 9p vs AlphaGo), Pair Go, Team Go

Schedule *China Time (UTC+8):

May 23Opening Ceremony(9:00-10:00)Ke Jie 9p vs AlphaGo Match 1(10:30-17:30)Tuesday
May 25Ke Jie 9p vs AlphaGo Match 2(10:30-17:30)Friday
May 26Pair Go(8:30-11:30)Team Go(12:30-18:30)Saturday
May 27Ke Jie 9p vs AlphaGo Match 3(10:30-17:30)

Voici donc le programme tant attendu !!!!


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